Navigate to your Thrive Account and locate your monthly reimbursement.    

If you would like to make a change before your next bill date (or before your request is approved), click “View Details” and then “Modify”.  Make any updates you need and submit. Please note that if you are changing the amount of the reimbursement, you will need a document or receipt showing that amount.   

1) Navigate to your Thrive Account and then click the 'Thrive Account' Tab.

3)  Click 'Activity History' and find the membership you would like to modify.  Click 'Update'. 

4) You will then be taken to this screen to make your modifications. You can modify the monthly dues, next bill date, and reimbursement option. 

5) If your monthly dues changed, please be sure to upload a document showing the change. Don't forget to check the verification box, and click submit.

A Support Team member will review the modification and will reach out if they have any further questions.