This article outlines the process taken when you select the gift card reimbursement method.

What is the gift card reimbursement method?: Depending on the reimbursement methods your company has enabled, you may have the option to select a gift card as your reimbursement method. You are able to select a gift card of your choosing in the amount of your reimbursement. Again, please note you may not have this option if your company does not have gift card reimbursement enabled.

Gift Card Reimbursement Process:

1. Submit an eligible expense as a reimbursement request and select "Gift Card" as your reimbursement method. This will be the final step of submitting your reimbursement.

2. After your reimbursement has been approved, you will receive an email from Wishlist to select your gift card. Please check your spam folder, as these emails have a tendency to end up there.

3. Select the gift card you would like from this email

4. Within in 1-3 days, you will receive your gift card to your chosen email. The gift card will arrive from Wishlist with the subject line "Your Reward Has Arrived!". Please check your spam folder, as these emails have a tendency to end up there. 

5. This email will have a gift card redemption link and secret code. Click the link and type (do not copy and paste) the secret code into the box. This will grant you access to your gift card.

If you happen to accidentally misplace or delete your gift card redemption email, please reach out to and we will happily resend your gift card.