Upon registration, you may be required to add an alternate email address. Once you've added it, you will receive an email asking you to verify your address. Make sure you're logged into your ThrivePass account, and then click on the button that says "Verify Email Address". You'll see a success page with the text "Thank you for verifying your email!" If you're brought to a login screen, log in and then go back to your personal email account, click on the link and you should be all set.

**If you login through a unique URL (for example, thrivepass.YOURCOMPANY.com), you may only be able to verify your alternate email using a company-issued computer and accessing your alternate email address from that computer. Another workaround may be to forward the Verification email to your company-issued email address and confirming from there.**

When your alternate email address is verified, you'll see the green "Verified" text within Account Settings>Update Email Address. To resend the email, navigate to Account Settings>Update Email Address and click the link that says "Resend Verification Email".

Verification Email

Unverified vs. Verified