This article provides a guide for users who want to review transactions on their Thrive Account. This dashboard will show any deposits that have been granted to the user's wallet or any reimbursements that have processed. 

Step 1: Open the website and login using your Username and Password. 

Step 2: Once logged in, you'll see your Benefits Suite ThrivePass dashboard on your screen. Then, select "Thrive Account" under “Your Benefits” section.  

Step 3: Your screen displays the Thrive Account dashboard, which includes "Your Wallet" details. 

Step 4: Click on "All Transactions" to access your transaction history, including the following details: 

  • Transaction Date
  • Wallet Name
  • Transaction Type
  • Description
  • Amount

Step 5: Moreover, you have the option to utilize the "Filter" function to review specific transactions based on criteria such as "Date Range, Transaction Type, Wallet, and Amount."

Step 6: Additionally, you can download your "Thrive Account Transaction History" based on Date Range, Transaction Type, Wallet, and Amount by clicking the "Download" button located at the top right of the dashboard.