How do I know what is eligible in my program?

Navigate to your Thrive Account and you will be able to view the wallet(s) available to you. When you click on a wallet, you will be able to see the categories that are eligible for reimbursement. You can hover over the tile to see the definition of the category. The spending categories are set by your employer to determine what is and is not eligible under your program. 

Please note that you cannot take your Thrive Account funds and have them directly deposited into a bank account. In order to receive the funds, you will need to submit for reimbursement on an eligible purchase.


The ThrivePass Marketplace will populate eligible options based on the configuration of the wallet set by your employer. It’s important to note that Marketplace options will not always be available as it is dependent on what your company has deemed eligible.  

How to access the Marketplace or Submit a reimbursement request

1. Once you are logged in, click the Thrive Account tab

2. Click the wallet of your choice

3. Click "Shop The Marketplace" to browse our marketplace or click "Get Reimbursed" to submit an eligible request for reimbursement

For step by step directions on how to submit a reimbursement request, click here.

Purchases on the Marketplace:

You can apply your wallet funds directly to a purchase made in the Marketplace. The offerings in the Marketplace will be dependent on the wallet spending categories determined by your company. This means the Marketplace may not be available as a spending option for all wallets. Please note that the marketplace cost will change based on the spending categories for the wallet.  Check out the article on our Marketplace here to find out more information.