Some companies that partner with ThrivePass set up their Thrive Account programs so that unused funds expire at year end. As your company may have multiple wallets, keep in mind that the wallet configurations may be different for each wallet.   

If the funds in your wallet are set to expire, you are able to use your 2021 funds on the ThrivePass Marketplace (if available) or make eligible purchases outside of the Marketplace (to submit for reimbursement) until 11:59 PM MST on 12/31/2021. Keep in mind that only purchases made in 2021 will be eligible to use against your 2021 balance. 

Any purchases made after 11:59 MST on 12/31/2021 at will be deducted from your 2022 balance. 

You can submit reimbursement requests for 2021 purchases until 1/15/2022 at 12:00 PM MST. This allows our team time to review and process all requests. In your Thrive Account wallet, you will see your 2021 balance and your 2022 balance. You will be able to file requests against either balance during the month of January.

When filing a new request, you will be prompted to select which balance you wish to file a reimbursement against. It's important to note, if you select 2021 as the balance you want to file against, you will want to input the total amount you are seeking a reimbursement for. Please be sure to provide receipts that will confirm the requested amount.  

For example, if you are filing a request for your monthly membership that you paid from June - December, you will want to submit the request for the total amount paid June - December. If your membership is still active for 2022, you can submit a 2nd request against your 2022 balance and set up a monthly recurring reimbursement for your membership. 

Please note that you will no longer be able to file requests against your 2021 balance after 1/15/2022 at 12 PM MST. No exceptions will be made to the cut-off date. If your request requires more information before approval and we receive the additional information from you after 1/31/22, this will be processed using 2022 funds.