Thrive Account

Some companies that partner with ThrivePass set up their Thrive Account programs so that unused funds expire. As your company may have multiple wallets, keep in mind that the wallet configurations may be different for each wallet.   

If the funds in your wallet are set to expire, you are able to use those funds on the ThrivePass Marketplace (if available) or make eligible purchases outside of the Marketplace (to submit for reimbursement). You can locate your funds expiration date by logging in your account, clicking into your Thrive Account, and then clicking into a wallet. You will then find information stating the last day to submit for reimbursement. Keep in mind that only purchases made in the current wallet period will be eligible to use against your current year balance. 


If your employer provides you with Tuition or Professional Development funds, reimbursement requests must be submitted at least two business days prior to the end of the year (12/22/2023) to ensure these are approved. Please note enrollment requests and reimbursement requests are different and you must submit an enrollment request and receive approval from your Benefits team or manager before submitting a reimbursement request.