There a couple factors that can affect your reimbursement date.  

The reimbursement date list in the portal is the date the reimbursement is processed in our system. The timeline on when you receive your reimbursement is dependent on what method of reimbursement was selected. Check out our article on reimbursement timelines here. 


Additionally, if you selected a monthly membership the date that your reimbursement becomes active can affect when your reimbursement will begin. This is called the valid-on date. You can check this date in your Thrive Account or reference your confirmation email. The valid on date is the processing date for your reimbursement so it’s the date our system sends the reimbursement. This date will also be the recurring date for your reimbursement. 

  • Example: If a reimbursement has a valid on date of 4/1/2020, your first reimbursement will be processed on that date. On the 1st of each month following, your reimbursement will be processed. In this example, on 5/1/20 your next reimbursement will be processed and will continue for future months.