Periodically, you will receive email notifications regarding the balance available in your ThrivePass account and survey requests from ThrivePass. There are three types of email notifications you will receive:

- Deposit Notifications: These email notifications alert you when funds have been added to your ThrivePass account

- Balance Reminders: These email reminders alert you when you have unused funds available in your ThrivePass account.

- Survey Emails: These emails request customer feedback regarding your experience with ThrivePass.

Should you choose to disable these notifications, you may do so from your ThrivePass account by following these steps:

1. After logging into your ThrivePass account, select the "Settings" tab

2. Once you have selected settings, you will see a section titled "Notifications". Under this section, you may choose which reminders you would like to enable or disable by toggling them on or off.

If you ever have any questions regarding these email notifications, please always feel free to contact our Support Team at and we would be happy to help assist you!