One-time reimbursement: If you requested a one-time reimbursement, this means that the expense is not recurring, and you will only be reimbursed for this one-time using your available funds.


If you are looking to enable an installment, you must click one-time reimbursement request. The installment option will only populate for these requests.  


For example, a one-time reimbursement could be requested if you purchase a full-year gym membership and pay all at once opposed to paying monthly dues.  


Monthly reimbursement: A monthly reimbursement is when you receive a reimbursement every month and it automatically processes on the billing date indicated on your proof of purchase document. 


For example, if you have a gym membership and you pay $30 on the 5th of each month, your reimbursement will process on the 5th of each month using your available funds. 


Please note that the timeline varies for when you receive your reimbursement depending on the method you chose. Check out our article on reimbursement timelines here.