Single Sign-On Registration and Login: 

Some companies have Single Sign-On enabled, which means you login to your account through an existing platform. 


ThrivePass offers single-sign on with Okta, Google, Microsoft, and other third-party platforms. Whether or not you access ThrivePass through one of these options is determined by your employer. Instructions on how to access your account should be outlined in your registration email. Please make sure you are using Google Chrome, Safari, or FireFox to access your Thrive Account via SSO.

How do I access ThrivePass when my company is using single sign-on? 

1) Visit

2) Input your company email  

3) This will redirect you to your single-sign-on portal 

4) Follow the prompts to add your credentials  

5) Once successfully completed, you will be logged into your ThrivePass Account 


Please note access may be facilitated via an internal link from your company's internal system so you may not be able to access ThrivePass through the login page.