If you are not able to find your registration email or your registration link has expired, you can request a new email from our login page (app.thrivepass.com). Please note this only applies if you do not use a single-sign-on platform to access your ThrivePass account. 


1. Navigate to the ThrivePass login page and click the "Set Up an Account" button.


2. Click the "No, I did not receive a code" box and enter your company email address. Click Next.

3. You will receive a new registration email to your company email address from donotreply@thrivepass.com. The registration link is only valid for 7 days. If the registration expires before you get to register, repeat the above process.


Our website is most compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, or FireFox. We recommend using one of these browsers to access your ThrivePass account. 

If you are still experiencing troubles with this, please reach out to support@thrivepass.com and we will gladly resend your registration link.