You can view what is eligible for your program from the reimbursement page. Click here to view your company's reimbursement page. Each tile represents an eligible category. You can hover the tile to see a definition about what qualifies under each category. 

Purchases on the Marketplace:

Funds in your WSA can be spent on the Marketplace. You can browse the various options by clicking “Shop” from the Wellness Savings Account dashboard.

Reimbursements for eligible purchases:

If you’ve already made a purchase, you can submit for a reimbursement. Please note that your reimbursement must fall into one of your company’s outlined categories. Click here to submit a reimbursement or navigate to your Wellness Savings Account and then click on the Reimbursement button. Be sure to file your reimbursement under the correct category. Simply find the correct category and click “Get Reimbursed”