Some companies will choose to have employee's submit an enrollment request that requires management approval before you are able to submit for reimbursement. You'll be able to enter the institution/company name, the focus of your course/program, and your rationale for enrolling and how it relates to your growth.

After the enrollment request has been approved by your company, you will be able to submit a reimbursement request to ThrivePass for final approval.

Please follow the directions below to enroll:

1. Log into your account and select "Development Reimbursement" or "Tuition Reimbursement"

2. Click "Get Started"

3. Fill out the required prompts and select "Enroll" 

4. After your company approves your enrollment, you will be able have the ability to get reimbursed. Please click here for instructions on how to submit your tuition reimbursement request.