*Please note that not all accounts will have all three methods of reimbursement enabled. The reimbursement methods available to you are determined by your employer.*

All users will have access to Gift Cards as a reimbursement method. To find out if your company has enabled Direct Deposit and/or PayPal, please visit your ThrivePass Account Settings and scroll down to find either "PayPal Information" and/or "Update ACH Information". Feel free to complete these fields prior to submitting a reimbursement.

How Direct Deposit (ACH) works:

  • If your company has Direct Deposit enabled and you choose it as your method of reimbursement, please not that it can take up to 5-7 business days for your reimbursement to process in your bank account. If, after 7 business days, you’re not seeing the funds deposited in your account, please contact us by submitting a ticket here. You will see a deposit from WISHLIST or WISHLIST LLC on your bank statement.

How PayPal works:

  • If your company has PayPal enabled and you choose it as your method of reimbursement, enter your First and Last Name and Email Address (or Phone Number) exactly as they appear in your PayPal account settings.

    If you encounter an error message, please log into your PayPal account and access your settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner. Make sure that your name and email address (or phone number) match exactly what you’ve listed on the reimbursement form.

How Gift Card works:

  • If you select Gift Card as your reimbursement method, on your bill date you will receive an email from our sister company, Wishlist Rewards (support@wishlistrewards.com), prompting you to select your gift card. Once you choose your gift card, Wishlist Rewards will send you one more email with instructions to activate your gift card. Below you'll find the gift card options you'll have for reimbursement.

    Gift card options are dependent on the reimbursement amount. Please click the link below to view gift card options. Please note that gift card options are subject to change at any time.

    *Please do not use this link to select a gift card. This is just a landing page to show available options.

  • Gift cards are listed in alphabetical order in the selection link you receive from Wishlist

  • Should you have specific questions about how gift cards work, please visit the Wishlist Rewards FAQ page.