When you enter your contact information during the process of submitting your vaccine or test results for verification, you may see a message that states:

"Contact information may be used to communicate your compliant status via QR code. You may need to show this code to your employer in the future."

If your employer has enabled the QR code function under your Vaccine & Testing Program, this QR code will be sent to you at your desired method of communication once your vaccine or testing information has been verified by our team. Your employer may ask to see your QR code in certain instances to verify that your vaccine or testing information has been submitted to ThrivePass and has been successfully verified. 

This QR Code is only for your employer, should they require it. This QR Code does not serve as proof of Vaccination or Test Results for entry into venues, businesses, or other entities that may be required by local, state or federal law. This QR Code will only be used by your employer to verify your compliance with the Vaccine & Testing Mandate.