If you have an active membership to receive reimbursements, your company will require verification of this membership after a period of time to ensure that the membership is still active. Depending on your company’s program guidelines, you will need to verify your membership every 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. 



There are two ways to verify your membership when it is required.


When you need to verify your membership, you will receive an email from ThrivePass asking to please do so. You can upload a current or prior month’s bill directly from the email you receive. Just click the button that says "Verify Membership" and follow the prompts.



You can also verify your membership directly from your account. To do so, please follow the directions below:


1. Access your Thrive Account here



2. Click the "Activity History" tab. When verification is required, you will see a red exclamation point next to this tab from your home page. 


3. Find the membership that needs to be verified by locating the red exclamation point and click "details"


4. Click “Verify”



5. Select if the membership is still active.


6. Upload a current or prior month’s bill/receipt for this expense.


7. Click “Complete Verification”