Our system will detect if you are eligible for previous months reimbursement. This is dependent on when your Thrive Account invitation was sent, the amount of funds in that wallet, and if subsidy expires at the end of the year.    

1. Access your Thrive Account

2. Select the wallet you'd like to submit reimbursement under

3. Click "Get Reimbursed"

4. Select the category that your purchase is eligible under

5. Confirm the spending category.

6. Enter what was purchased and the merchant

7. Enter how often you pay for this expense.

8. Enter the date of purchase for this monthly expense.

9. Enter how much you pay monthly.

10. Enter your next billing date.

11. Enter annual fee for this expense (if applicable).

12. Enter sign up fee for this expense (if applicable).

13. If you are eligible to receive reimbursement for previous months, it will populate below. Make sure to select "Yes" if you'd like to receive reimbursement for past months.

14. Upload proof of purchase with a document showing what was purchased, cost, date, and merchant.

15. Select how you would like to be reimbursed 

16. Click "Confirm" to submit the reimbursement request.