Your company may require you to log your wellness activities to earn funds in your wallet(s).

How do I log visits to my facility?

  • First, make a recurring purchase for a fitness center membership from our Marketplace or submit an existing fitness center membership for reimbursement. Once you make a purchase or submit a reimbursement request, you will be able to start logging work outs, or "activities".

To log your activity, follow the directions below:

1. Access your Thrive Account here

2. Click the "Log A Workout" tab 

3. Click the "Log a Workout" button

When do I need to log visits to earn credit?

  • Your activities are tracked by the calendar month, so if you log the minimum number of visits in June, you will earn money in July. This happens regardless of your bill date. Please be sure to log your activities by the end of the current month to earn funds in the next month.

My visit is showing as “Unverified”. Will it still count towards my total?

  • Yes, every logged visit/check-in will count towards your total, whether it displays as verified or unverified. 
  • The reason you may see “Unverified” is because our check-in system used to be based on geo-location. When an employee would log a visit outside of a radius near their gym, it would be marked Unverified. We no longer require addresses when getting your gym set up, so this feature has no effect. Please disregard it and know we are working on modifying this verbiage.