Putting a card on file

  • We ask you to put a card on file only if your wallet balance does not cover the entire amount of your purchase from the ThrivePass Marketplace.

  • If you'd like to update your card information, navigate to Account Settings and update the information under "Update Billing Information"

Removing a card on file

  • In order to remove your card from your ThrivePass account, navigate to Account Settings>Update Billing Information>Clear Billing Information
  • If you have a pending purchase, an active membership or a membership pending cancellation, you will not be able to remove your billing information. You will see an error message if you try to remove you billing information. Once your purchase is fulfilled, or your membership is fully cancelled, you should be able to clear your billing information.

Charges to my card on file (pre-authorization holds):

  • We run a pre-authorization hold (similar to hotels upon check-in) on all charges up to 6 days before the billing date. We pre-authorize to ensure your membership can be paid in full at the renewal date and will remain active. There may be multiple holds in specific circumstances-- this is perfectly normal and we will only settle for the amount indicated at the time of purchase.

  • For your reference, we will implement a pre-authorization hold on your card at the time of purchase, and again 6 days prior to your bill date. After your first bill date, you can expect to see the pre-authorization charge occur 6 days prior to your bill date.

Billing Failures

  • If you we cannot ensure that funds are available (either from your Thrive Account wallet or your card on file) 6 days prior to your bill date, you will receive email notifications asking you to update your payment information. In most cases, if we cannot ensure funds are available on the day before your next bill date, we will work to remove you from ThrivePass’ billing with that vendor.

  • Please note that for some vendor partners, we are required to provide notice of removing you or cancelling your membership sooner than 1 day before your bill date. 

  • If you have any questions about billing failures, please click here and contact us.