Depending on the way your company configured your account, you may or may not have access to reimburse large purchases over time.

How do I do that? (For monthly stipend programs ONLY)  

If you receive your wallet funding on a monthly basis you have the option to be reimbursed over time for a large purchase. This option will automatically populate when you submit a reimbursement request. You will be given a reimbursement schedule and can opt if you want to go that route or just receive a reimbursement based on your current wallet balance.   

*Please note that your schedule is subject to change if you use your funds on other purchases or reimbursements. 


The installment functionality is not available every wallet or company. Installments are only available to those who receive their subsidy on a monthly or quarterly basis. Wallets that receive funding on an annual basis do not qualify as only purchase made in the current year are eligible. If your funds expire at year-end, your installment will be cancelled following your December reimbursement (if applicable).

Please follow the directions below on how to submit an installment plan reimbursement:

1. Access your Thrive Account

2. Select the wallet you'd like to submit reimbursement under

3. Click "Get Reimbursed"

4. Select the category that your purchase is eligible under

5. Enter the name of the merchant you made your purchase from and select "One-Time Purchase"

6. Enter the purchase date and purchase price. Make sure the "Yes, I'd like to set up a recurring reimbursement" box is selected to ensure you will be reimbursed for the purchase over time

7. Select how you would like to be reimbursed

8. Upload your proof of purchase. Please make sure the documentation uploaded clearly shows the following: 

  • Purchase date 
  • Purchase price
  • Merchant Name
  • What was purchased