To submit a reimbursement, please follow the instructions below: 

    1. Go to your Thrive Account  

    2. Select the wallet you wish to file a reimbursement against and click 'View'

  3. Find the tile that applies to your purchase (you can hover over the tile to see a definition about what is included in that         category). Then click the yellow 'Get Reimbursed' button.  

    4. Follow the remaining prompts 

    - Add the name of your vendor (the name where you purchased your product or service from)

    -Add how often the you pay for the product or service (EX: One-time purchase for a treadmill)

    -Add the purchase amount, the date you purchased, method of reimbursement, and any other information you would like         the team to know regarding your purchase.

    -Upload your proof of purchase. Please make sure the documentation uploaded clearly shows the         following: 

  • Date 

  • Amount of purchase 

  • Description of purchase 

  • Merchant Name 


    5. Check the verification button and then click the yellow submit button

Please note that eligibility for each wallet is determined by your employer and eligible purchases will differ wallet to wallet. Additionally, some programs outline that only current year purchases are eligible for reimbursement. 


Once you submit a request, one of our team members will review your request to approve it or reach out if we have any questions. Please allow our Support Team one business day to review your request.